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Project Description
RenderWare TXD editor created by DK22Pac and The_GTA. Aims to support RW texture files of all commercially released RW games, such as 3D-era GTA.

Brought to you by DK22Pac (Dmitry K.) and The_GTA (Martin Turski, a.k.a. quiret)

Magic.TXD aims to unify modding of all Criterion RenderWare games, especially the 3D-era GTA series. Never has modding game textures been that easy as with Magic.TXD. You can load, edit and store TXD files from multiple platforms such as PlayStation 2, PC, XBOX, GameCube, Android, iOS and PSP. You get to generate mipmaps, resize individual textures in-editor. change texture filtering as well as wrapping and individually decide the color encoding (raw, DXT, palette).

Full description:

Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2017

Please note that in order to get the full source code of this tool you have to perform a SVN checkout. It will download external modules aswell that are required for compilation.

The code makes use of nice portable libraries so that it could be compiled for Linux aswell (WIP).

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